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Wheeled waste oil collection tanks

Safe storage station for run down oils to temporary manage and transport run down oils, with wheels and internal polyethylene tank

Storage station for run down oil with wheels and internal retaining reservoir, easy to maintain even then full. Euipped with watertight external basin built in 3 mm carbon steel. Internal container with threaded opening and removable filter-drainer

built in a single moulded polyethylene with UV treatment for increased protection from exposure to weather.

Equipped by:

  • On wheels (2 fixed and 2 swivels with brake )
  • Clock level indicator
  • Push handle

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There are also other types of tanks such as tanks for waste oil in polyethylene or tanks for the storage of larger quantities


STOQ300CRW.550 x D.920 x H. 1070 mm
STOQ500CRW.640 x D.1030 x H.1235 mm