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Water tanks

Polyethylene no transparent containers for drinkable water


Polyethylene tanks for drinkable water and food, equipped with taps and joints (except for some volumes), they are first in the sector because they are made of particular formulations of linear polyethylene which is light, resistant to mechanical stress, chemically resistant and flexible; moreover, they can work without interruptions for a longer period, thanks to anti U.V. agent additivation.

Linear polyethylene non-transparent containers (they are coloured in mass for extrusion) to  thus keeping perfect water potability and pleasure.

Why should you prefer rotomoulded materials?

       - Shatterproof

  • - High resistance characteristics against mechanical stress

  • - Flexible

  • - Resistance to freeze and hot, from -60° to +80°C with no dangers.

  • - Complete and absolute resistance against atmospheric agents and U.V. rays.

  • - Maximal duration against ageing and internal surfaces perfectly smoothed to be easily cleaned.

  • - Light

  • - Very handy

  • - Easy to transport

  • - Easy to install

Horizontal Water Tanks


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CodeHeightWidth Length Tank liters

Maxi Vertical Water Tanks


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Vertical tanks with volumes until lower than 5000 litres are equipped with central manhole cover, for water tanks volume of 10.000, 15.000 and 20.000 litres, manhole covers are disposed in lateral position

CodeDimensions Tank liters
SAV1000Zø 110 x h 108960
SAV3000Zø 160 x h 1603000
SAV5000Zø 180 x h 2255000
SAV10000Zø 245 x h 25010000
SAV15000Zø 245 x h 36015000
SAV20000Zø 245 x h 45019000