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Urea and Adblue tanks

Adblue tanks equipped with distribution box with dispenser and flow-meter

Tanks for Adblue Urea, equipped with distribution unit in box with dispenser and litre counter.

Urea and adblue tanks

New directives concerning atmosphere polluting emissions reductions are respected thanks to the installation of a catalyst on the trucks (SRC) which needs to be used with a special liquid, a mix of water and urea, called Adblue. Each truck has to have an additional tank to contain this special liquid. From an accurate analysis on problems concerning urea transfer and distribution, we selected a range of reliable products built with materials which are compatible with this fluid.

Polyethylene urea - adblue tanks with distribution system:

  • Closed in a box
  • With distribution unit
  • Digital litre counter
  • Automatic dispenser pipe

Urea and adblue tanks

The Urea Tanks are complete with distributore box 

Technical feature:

  • Metal box with lit lock
  • Membrane pump
  • Voltage 230V / 50Hz
  • Joint for hose adapter of 3/4"
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Duty cycle 20 min
  • Hose Ø 4/3" -  lenght 4 mt
  • K24 meter
  • Automatic inox nozzle, bottom pipe and valve.
  • Flow-rate 32 l/min


Stainless Steel Tank with containment basin in carbon steel

Urea and adblue tanks
Cisterna per urea adblueCisterne polietilene urea adblue
Serbatoio adblueerogazioni adblue urea
tanques para adblue rezervoar adblueerogazioni adblue urea

SAP3000U160018501660Adblue urea tank 3000 lt capacity complete with distributor box
SAP5000U178023201860Adblue urea tank 5000 lt capacity complete with distributor box
SAP8000PU200026502100Adblue urea tank 7500 lt capacity complete with distributor box
SAP12000PU310022002250Adblue urea tank 12000 lt capacity complete with distributor box