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Waste vegetable and mineral oil tanks

Polyethylene tanks for waste oil storage, composed by a double container; for transport companies, industries and all those who need to collect run down oil.

Waste Vegetable and Mineral Oil Polyethylene Tanks

The run down oil coming from vehicle lubrication oils or mechanic use must be collected and disposed of by following precise procedures, because this kind of run down oil is highly dangerous for the environment. It is necessary to collect the run down oil in special tanks to be transported to an authorised disposal centre.

  • Polyethylene tank to collect run down oil, composed by a double container; the first one is internal in contact with the oil and the other one is bigger and external and contains the previous one. The latter is a sort of safety retaining tank, hatch with tilting cover containing the removable filter dipping basket and the compartment for introduction and extraction of the run down oil. The level indicator is necessary to verify the oil quantity and control the double wall of the retaining tank by means of the verification LED on it.
    Built in conformity with the Ministry Decree 392/96

    Numak provides tanks for run down oil to transport companies, mechanic workshop, industries and all those who need to collect and dispose run down oil.


cisterna serbatoio olio esausto
cisterne serbatoio olio
cisterna serbatoio olio plasticacisterna serbatoio plastica numakserbatoi cisterne polietilene

Used in:

Service Station 
Mechanic Workshops 
Metallurgical Industries 
Fast Food 
CodeHeightDescription External ØWeight kg
SOEP3001080 mmWaste oil tank: black color820 mm30
SOEP5001240 mmWaste oil tank: black color960 mm50

Pallet run down oils collection tanks

Polyethylene tank on pallet for the storage and the disposal of run down oils.

Equipped with:      

  • Two collection tanks (one inside and one outside)
  • Wide compartment for filters, cans, oil containers dipping
  • Level indicator
  • Loss or discharge detection
  • Oil extraction Ø 130
  • Pallet to make it easy to handle.




serbatoio per olio esausto pallettizzatovasca portafusti polietilene cisternette
serbatoio per olio esausto pallettizzatoserbatoio per olio esausto pallettizzato


CodeHeightWidth Length Description Tap ØWeight kg
SPAL50010795105Pallet tank for waste oil13054 kg