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Pallet tanks

Polyethylene and UV-rays stabilised tanks for external storage, built in galvanised iron cage

Polyethylene and UV-rays stabilised tanks (HDPE) for external storage. Proper for acids, resin, alkaline solutions, oils, not inflammable chemical substances, etc. Proper also for high density products, especially planned for transport and storage even if disposed on different levels. Built in galvanised iron cage assembled on wood pallet and equipped with valve.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a perfect material to build containers for a wide range of products; there is no liquid that cannot be contained in these tanks. Thanks to its high resistance, it can be in contact with almost any chemical, petrol and pharmaceutical substances without being damaged.

All tanks can be produced in both approved or standard version.

Pallet tanks

Natural PLASTIC TANKS, with filling ø 225 mm
dimensions (lenght x width x height mm) 1200 x 1000 x 1160 mm weight kg 65

  • Butterfly valve 2
  • Wooden pallet / steel  / plastic
  • Efte gaskets
  • Wooden pallet and galvanised iron cage
  • 2 middle plates
  • UN approved

*** Tanks not suitable for filling with products   with  a  flash point less than 60° 



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CodeDescription Pallet type
IBC1000Ltank on wooden pallet capacity 1000 lt wood
IBC1000Mtank on metal pallet capacity 1000 ltmetal
IBC1000PLtank on plastic pallet capacity 1000 lt plastic