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Transportable Tanks Light series

Polyethylene transportable tanks for fuel transport available also approved ADR versions.

Polyethylene Transportable Tank, versions ADR exemption for diesel fuel transport 

cisterne trasporto gasolioserbatoi trasportabili gasoliocisterne trasportabili gasolio

NOTE: The color of the tanks TRASPO LIGHT is at the discretion of our company production


**A.D.R. C: ADR DISPOSITIONS CANNOT BE APPLIED: to company transports as complement of their main activities, as the provision of construction sites or civil constructions or for the return trajectory of these construction sites or for controls, reparations or maintaining in quantities not higher than 450 litres for packing and following limitations of the maximum total quantities indicated in Provisions must be adopted to avoid any content loss in normal transport conditions. Transports of these companies for their provision or external or internal distribution are not included in this 

Traspo Light 200 and 400

New, transportable, for diesel, in linear polyethylene equipped with:

  • Loading tap of 2"
  • Safety evacuation valve 
  • Sectioning valve 
  • Distribution unit
  • Unladen lifting handles
  • Preset for laden lifting and handling with forks

    cisterne trasportabili per gasoliocisterna gasolio trasportabilecontenitore per trasporto carburante
    trasportable fuel tank, rezervoare combustiblecisterne trasportabili per gasolioSerbatoio gasolio
                                                            Available the AdBlue Version with 220 and 420 liters capacity
    serbatoi trasporto adblueerogatore adblue


CodeConnection cable with tipsDescriptionDimensionsUnladen weightUnladen weight with distributorNozzleRange l/minPipe
TL200/CyesTrasportable diesel tank 220 lt800 x 600 x h. 700 mm1435Automatic Stop40 Lt/min3 /4 " mt 4
TL400/CyesTrasportable diesel tank 430 lt1200 x 800 x h 780 mm4052Automatic Stop40 Lt/min3 /4 " mt 4

Traspo Light 960 Adr

New 960-liter transportable diesel tank Approved by the Ministry of Transport in compliance with ADR standards, marked UN.

Polyethylene tank for transporting diesel fuel capacity 960 lt. equipped with 12 volt battery-powered electro-pump delivery unit with 40 lt./min. flow rate,
automatic pistol, 5 m rubber hose and digital liter-counter for private use.

Construction features:

  • Made of rotary molded linear polyethylene: a material that guarantees excellent resistance to shocks, temperature changes, chemical and atmospheric agents;
    the relative transparency also allows continuous monitoring of the fuel level on sight.
  • Easily washable with normal detergents thanks to perfectly smooth surfaces.
  • Side pockets for lifting by forklift (fully loaded), reinforced with galvanized carbon steel tubes.
  • Upper hatch with 220 mm diameter. with padlockable screw cap with gasket and vent valve.


Serbatoio gasolio

Also available for Adblue

CodeConnection cable with tipsDescriptionDimensionsUnladen weightNozzleRange l/minPipeo
TL900yesTransportable fuel tank capacity 960 lt. approved Adr995 x 1830 x h. 1000 mm105Automatic stop40 Lt/min3 /4 " mt 5

Accessories for "Transportable Tanks Light series"


Turbine digital meter

Fluids: Diesel, Fuel, KeroseneK24

A meter for delivering low viscosity fluids with a turbine measuring system. Easy to install, in line or at the end of a delivery pipe, equipped with an easy-to-read, compact screen.

The meter can be installed directly onto the nozzle for convenient, on-the-spot reading of the quantity delivered.

Thanks to its strong casing and a sealed plug-in electronic card, this sturdy meter can be used in practically all conditions.

The card can be rotated for easy display reading from all angles. The microprocessor is powered by two easily replaceable, long-lasting batteries. Simple, reliable, versatile, economic, the perfect instrument for managing liquid deliveries



  • Precision +/- 1% within the flow range
  • Repeatibility 0.2 %
  • Maximum flow rate 120 l/min
  • Loss of pressure < 0.15 bar (120 l/min with diesel fuel)
  • Can be calibrated


  • Turbine measuring system
  • Reinforced polyamide body
  • Polypropylene turbine
  • Threaded input/output 1” BSP (NPT).
  • Pulser type signal: single channel,
    reed switch.
  • Electronic card with LCD display: Partial 5 figures from 0.1 to
    99999, Total 6 figures from 1 to 999999
  • Total resetting available.
  • Flow indication.
  • Batteries: n. 2 batteries size AAA
CodeDescription In/outRange l/minPressure bar
CED24NKDigital meter K24 M 1" bsp12020