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External Waste Oil Tanks

Aboveground Oil tanks, single walled, with containment basin 100%.

Waste Oil Tanks

External run down oil tank, single walled, they are buils by using high-qulity S235JR metal sheet equipped with:

  • Containment basin 100%
  • 400x400 mm hatch with internal grid for filter dripping. Easy to remove, to allow inserting the suction pipe to drain the tank.
  • Preset for galvanised sheet steel roof (optional)
  • Level indicator
  • Lifting eye bolts
  • External varnishing
  • Test certification. 


                                                   Capacity 490 lt. - 1000 lt. - 2000 lt. - 3000 lt. - 5000 lt. - 9000 lt.

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Waste Vegetable and Mineral Oil Tanks Series Big

Tanks for oil and liquid in general with containment basin 100%  
capacity 10.000 lt. - 15.000 lt. 20.000 lt. - 25.000 lt. 30.000 lt. - 35.000 lt. - 40.000 lt.

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