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Tank Fuel

Diesel Tanks for fuel storage and distribution complete with dispenser unit and protection roof


tank fuel diesel tank
Diesel Tanks are  the only way to counter the increase in fuel prices and allow you to always have a "stock" available, the main advantage is in the purchase price which can a considerable saving compared to the "distribution road".
Our fuel tanks are available with capcity from 490 to 9000 liters

Technical Details: 

Diesel Tank  with horizontal cylindrical axe on anti-roll supporting guides, in first class carbon steel sheet (3 mm. thick), treated with an anti-rust additive and a glaze layer, pneumatically tested and equipped with the following accessories: manhole diam. 400 mm, with bolts and gasket, bronze evacuation fire damper of 1" ½, floating level indicator, quick-setting load coupling of 3", load limiting valve of 3", control device of the internal gas oil level, load access stair (9,000 l capacity only), earthing socket and equipotentiality near the supporting feet, evacuation flange on the bottom with safety tap of 3/4", ball valve of 1", back flow valve of 1", connection pipe to the distribution unit. 

Containment Basin in carbon steel sheet , with self-supporting frame ready to be fixed at the tank feet by bolts, indicated to be collocated on any soil, planned to contain 50% of the tank capacity, equipped with earthing, evacuation tap 3/4” and treated completely with an anti-rust layer and a glaze layer.
Distributor box in painted steel door with a key , with self-priming pump with bypass and built-in filter, engine capacity 50 LT / MIN. 0.5 HP-2800 r / min. - 220V. single-phase 50 Hz, K33 meter (accuracy + / - 2% in flow rate range) for private use with partial reset and progressive total, supply hose ¾ " length 4 m., automatic nozzle with connection 1" jointed pipe suction 1 "electric control panel with IP55 protection with locking pump to the minimum level.
distribution unit numakDistribution unit 50 l/min closed in lockable box, equipped with output litre counter, 4 mt pipe and automatic dispenser
Manhole cover numakManhole cover, relief valve and level indicator for all tanks

                    Tank Fuel with containment basin 50%                                           Diesel Tank  capacity 500 and 990 liters                                       
approved diesel tanksapproved diesel tankcisterna serbatoio 500 litricisterna serbatoio 1000 litri

Tank Fuel with containment basin 110% 

Cisterna per gasolio omologataFuel tankDiesel Tank
                                                                                                                                                      Vertical Diesel Tanks capacity 1300 - 2400 and 3000 liters

serbatoio omologato verticale

Protection Roof  against atmospheric agents, in non-combustible material, built with strong self-supporting frame, covered with galvanised corrugated steel sheet, projecting from the retaining reservoir perimeter and equipped with busbar connections to the reservoir.

On demand:

Total box tank in galvanized sheet to replace the classic canopies and made to measure to the containment basin of our tanks.
Technical details:
Walls built in galvanized sheet
Tubulars for fixing to the containment basin
N.01 Ventilation grid with fixed fins
N.04 vacuum lifting eyebolts
Door with lock

box copertura serbatoioBox tankgruppo erogatore gasolio

It is also possible to apply and match our fuel monitoring and management system

diesel tank fuel control system


SGE05/50CDiesel tank Fuel tank capacity 490 lt. (with distribution unit cube 50)
SGE10/50CDiesel tank Fuel tank capacity 980 lt. (with distribution unit cube 50)
SGE15/50Diesel tank Fuel tank capacity 1500 lt.
SGE23/50Diesel tank Fuel tank capacity 2300 lt.
SGE30/50Diesel tank Fuel tank capacity 3000 lt.
SGE50/50Diesel tank Fuel tank capacity 5000 lt.
SGE60/50Diesel tank Fuel tank capacity 6000 lt.
SGE90/50Diesel tank Fuel tank capacity 9000 lt.