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Series 4000 dispensers

AISI 304 stainless steel gas oil distributors to be used in middle and small-size petrol service stations.

Series 4000 distributors


AISI 304 stainless steel gas oil dispensers to be used in middle and small-size petrol service stations

FLUID: Diesel

Distributors to be used in middle and small-sized petrol service stations; alternated single fuel distributors and mixers are available, in compliance with the legislation in force in the field of methodology (Italian Ministry of the Industry) and in the field of security (Italian Ministry of the Interior)
All 4000 series are installed on an AISI 304stainless steel frame

General characteristics of the series 400 fuel distributors:


  • 4-opposite piston metre
  • Vane volumetric pump with built-in degaser
  • Rates from 40 to 130 litres/minute


  • Electronic, with countermetric and volumetric backlit LCD
  • displays
  • Predeterminating meter on demand
  • Two-front and one-front display

Dispensing guns

  • Automatic, high and low range
  • Vapour recuperation

Distributing pipes

  • Black depending on the distributed product, with demountable joints
  • Coaxial pipes for vapour recuperation, with coloured terminal which identifies the product
  • Anti-tear joint on demand


  • 3/4 and 1” double frame
  • Power supply 24-200 Volt


  • 3 phase or single phase, with power from 0.55 kW to 1.1 kW

Certified by the Italian Minister of the Interior and Fire service



X4000BExtra for two-front version for dispensing gunContact us
X4000MExtra for motor 220 V HP1 for dispensing gunContact us
X4000CExtra for countermetric version for dispensing gunContact us
X4000PExtra for predeterminating meter for dispensing gunContact us

4000 Series industrial dispensers are equipped with:

  • Electronic one-front volumetric head
  • Automatic dispensing gun
  • Automatic clearing
  • Swivel fitting
  • Anti-oil 4-metre pipe
  • With degaser
  • Adjustable flow rate by-pass valve
  • Volumentric metre with Micrometric measuring setting 4 sides
  • Electric and light installation CESI EEX d. certified
  • Body with stainless-steel frame, white-varnished panels
  • Certified by the Italian Minister of the Interior and Fire service
  • Ready to be connected to control systems and pos by pulser channel

CodeDescription Range l/min
DC4000/S80Single distributor80
DC4000/S120Single distributor120
DC4000/S130Single distributor130
DC4000/D50Double distributor50 + 50
DC4000/D50-80Double distributor50 + 80
DC4000/D80Double distributor80 + 80
DC4000/SA120Alternated Single distributor80 e 120
DC4000/SA130Alternated Single distributor80 e 130