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Manual nozzle

High efficiency manual nozzles, simple to use and low priced, available with a variety of threaded connectors and with reduced section spout for unleaded gasoline.

The manual nozzles are characterized by high efficiency based on their low flow resistance combined with their notable simplicity of use and economical price. Given their characteristics, they find an application on any fuel transfer system, even those that work by gravity. They are equipped with lever protection, including a removable trigger lock, and are available with a variety of threaded connectors and with reduced section spout for unleaded gasoline.

La Self 2000 is today still the point of reference in the field of fuel nozzles for manual dispensing. Equipped with a strong aluminum housing with an integrated swivel connector and a hammer-free valve, it functions with low loss of head and is indicated for flow capacities up to 120 l/min.

La Self 3000 is manufactured with a resistant aluminum body enclosed in a anti-shock plastic shell that increases the nozzle's ease of handling by making the grip comfortable even when used at low temperatures.
The nozzle’s integrated swivel connector, and the hammer-free valve inside it, guarantee a high degree of safety. Its low loss of head, given the conformation of the valve, allow it to function at flow capacities up to 150 l/min. Thanks to the reduced force necessary to open the valve, the Self 3000 nozzle can be used for the transfer of oil with working pressures up to 10 bars (142 psi).

Plastic versions with a flow rate up to 80 l/min are also available. A version for water and food is available.

CodeFitting swivelExt.spoutDescription FluidsOutletRange l/minProduct images
PMA120equippedØ 25 mmSelf 2000Biodiesel, Diesel, Gasoline, OilØ 1”120PMA120
PMA150equippedØ 25 mmSelf 3000Biodiesel, Diesel, Gasoline, OilØ 1”150PMA150
PMA80BNoØ 34 mmPLASTIC NOOZLE WATER/FOODBiodiesel, Diesel, Gasoline, Oil, WaterØ 1”80PMA80B
PMA80NequippedØ 34 mmPLASTIC NOOZLE-SBiodiesel, Diesel, Gasoline, Oil, EauØ 1”80PMA80N