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Turbinox meter

Turbine digital meter for diesel, kerosene, urea, water, windscreen, easy to install and provided with an easy to read compact display.

Turbine digital meter Range: 4 ÷ 40 l/min

  • Fluids: Diesel, Kerosene, Urea, Water, Windscreen

Simple, reliable, small, economical.Turbinox meter
These meters are easily to install either in line or at the end of the delivery hose and are provided with an easy to read compact display.

It is possible to install the meter directly on the nozzle and you can forget about straining to see readout several metres away.
A rugged housing and sealed electronic board provide durable use in almost any conditions.
Two batteries easy to replace power the small microprocessor for a long time.


  • Accuracy +/- 1% within the flow rate range
  • Repeatability 0.2 %
  • Pressure drop < 0.15 bar
  • Calibration available

Construction features

  • Turbine measuring system
  • Housing made in stailess steel
  • Pulse signal type: single channel, reed switch
  • Voltage 4-12 Vdc/ac
  • Max Amp 100 mAmp
CodeDescription In/outRange l/minPressure barPulser l/p
CPTURB40Turbinox Meter1"401% - 20 bar100