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Hand pumps

Rotary and alternative hand pumps for diesel, oil, raps oil, kerosene, grease.

hand pumps
Hand pump, rotary and alternative pumps for drums, suitable for transferring fluids, characterised by easy  installation, easy use, long tern reliability and remarkably low running costs.
CodeDescription FluidsIn/outWeight kgRange l/minProduct images
PMP200Rotary vane pump complete with drum adaptor and suction tube.Biodiesel, Diesel, Gasoline, Oil, Kerosene3/4" BSP5,640PMP200
PMP600Double acting piston pump complete with telescopic suction tube and threaded connector on outlet.Biodiesel, Diesel, Gasoline, Oil, Kerosene1 - 3/4" NPT5,360PMP600
PMP100Alternative piston pump complete with drum connection and suction tube. Provided with hose end fitting.Biodiesel, Diesel, Oilend hose ø203,035PMP100