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Fuel Monitoring System Petrolcontrol

Fleet management system for the control and monitoring of disbursements of fuel applicable to underground tanks, external diesel tanks and industrial dispenser

impianto gestione gasolio

The Petrolcontrol system is the best solution for anyone who wants to realize a self-service installation with underground tank. 
Numak is able to realize a buried installation complete of Petrolcontrol system with underground tanks and distributors, or to apply only Petrolcontrol system to the tank and to the distributor of the customer 

This type of system, approved by the Ministry of the Interior, allows the management of the fuel tanks through the Data Management Software that is able to perform the downloading of data into the computer business, in manual or automatic mode. The data is then processed to obtain prints of very detailed summary of the plant. 

This type of solution includes:

PetrolcontrolPetrolcontrol System
approved for private non fiscal use by the Italian Ministry of the Interior equipped with a serial line or USB port for the connection to your PC composed by: digital litre counter, hexadecimal keyboard, transponder reader, lit display, encoder terminal for litre detection, automatic manual device.

Software for refuelling data management, version for Windows 95-98-XP-Millennium-Vista-Windows 7-Windows 8 - Windows 10

Main functions of the software:
Petrolcontrol software management

  • the regular control of the fuel provided for each vehicle, driver, pump unit, construction site;
  • the control of the fuel available in stock;
  • possibility to enter the name of the fuel supplier, litre quantity, date and acquired price;
  • managing until 30 construction sites simultaneously, connected by one single software and controlling each vehicle in all construction sites where the refuelling occurs.
  • detailed statistical and administrative data;
  • annexed documentation for each delivery; date, hour, minutes, litres, Operator's N°, vehicle N°, vehicle km.
  • kilometre statistics;
  • general consumption statistics.

Transponder cards for the unique identification of the authorised personnel for the fuel pick up by means of a verification of the secret code(on demand, transponder cards also for vehicles)

Data downloaded mod. USB composed by a modern electronic card of the latest generation for the registration of illimited data


Construction of plants with underground tank and industrial dispenser

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                                                                                      Construction of plants with underground tanks

gestione controllo prelievigestione flottegestione rifornimenti gasolio
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