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Fuel Management System

Control system of levies and supplies of diesel, ideal for customers who already have a tank , applicable to both that underground tanks and outdoor tanks.

This type of system is a perfect solution for those Clients who have already a tank, applicable both on Buried tanks and External tanks

Fuel Management System

The system designed and built by Numak is able to manage and monitor fuel consumption of each company vehicle . It is a secure and reliable solution for fleet management in a completely self-service 7 days 7, 24 hours and 24 without the necessity of the presence of staff during the disbursements.

Thanks to the Numak Fuel Management Programme it is possible to download data in the company computer automatically. Data are elaborated to obtain a series of detailed printings.
To eliminate all theft risks of the transponder and then of abusive refuelling, the system works with secret code. If Petrolcontrol NK3 is set at distance, it is possible to manage the downloading in Gsm mode.

This type of solution includes:

Nk3 Petrolcontrol NK3 system approved for private non fiscal use by the Italian Ministry of the Interior  equipped with a serial line or USB port for the connection to your PC composed by: digital litre counter, hexadecimal keyboard, transponder reader, lit display, encoder terminal for litre detection, automatic manual device.

Software for refuelling data management Windows version 95-98-00-XP-Millenium-Vista- Windows 7 - Windows 8 - Windows 10

Main functions software:


  • the regular control of the fuel provided for each vehicle, driver, pump unit, construction site;
  • the control of the fuel available in stock;
  • possibility to enter the name of the fuel supplier, litre quantity, date and acquired price;
  • managing until 30 construction sites simultaneously, connected by one single software and controlling each vehicle in all construction sites where the refuelling occurs.
  • detailed statistical and administrative data;
  • annexed documentation for each provision; date, hour, minutes, litres, Operator's number, vehicle number, vehicle km.
  • kilometre statistics;
  • general consumption statistics.

Fuel Management System
Distributor for private non fiscal use with electropump range 70 LT/MIN. Equipped with self-priming vane pump, sintered steel rotor and acetic resin vanes, by-pass valve, induction motor with thermal protection against overcharges, network filter in pump aspiration, water separator filter with element, pulser litre counter with shell-shaped wirings, digital display with clearable 4-digit partial and progressive totaliser, automatic clearance, automatic dispenser with rotary joint, 6 mt. pipe, +/- 0.5% precision in the field of range.

Data downloader mod. USB 
composed by a modern electronic card of latest generations for the registration of illimited data.

No. 15 Transponder cards for the unique identification of the authorised personnel for the fuel pick up by means of a verification of the secret code (on demand, transponder cards also for vehicles)

Fuel Monitoring System  Fleet Management System

Example of refuelling to the snow grooming

refuelling to the snow groomingrefuelling to the snow grooming


Numak is able, with technical-commercial team, to implement self-service systems with external tanks for fleet management fuel while for those who want an underground storage tank system we recommended the Petrolcontrol System