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Fleet Management System

Fuel management system approved for private and not fiscal use, equipped with Petrolcontrol System, Diesel Tank and Protection Roof, the best solution to create a self-service installation.

Fuel management system approved for private and not fiscal use, equipped with fuel management system.

Petrolcontrol is a fuel monitoring and control levies system created by Numak both form the hardware and software.Approved by the Ministry of the Whole Petrolcontrol system allows companies that wish to control and manage the power consumption of their company vehicles 24 hours 24 independently without loss of time and without having to go to external distributors. This type solution is the most complete and ideal for those who want to build a plant to external self-service and includes:

  • No. 01 tank fuel
  • No. 01 Protection roof
  • No. 01 “Petrolcontrol NK3" System, with semi-industrial dispenser
  • No. 01 Software to manage refuelling data, version for Windows (95-98-XP-Millennium-Vista-7-8 -10)
  • No. 01 Data unloader Usb
  • Transponder cards for the unique identification of the authorised personnel for the fuel pick up by means of a verification of the secret code (on demand, transponder cards also for vehicles)
    Serbatoio gasolio

    gestione rifornimenti gasolio

Approved fuel tank 

M.I. approved in conformity with the Ministry Decrees 19/03/90 and 12/09/03, with horizontal cylindrical axe on anti-roll supporting guides, in first class carbon sheet steel (3 mm. thick), treated with an anti-rust additive and a glaze layer, pneumatically tested and equipped with the following accessories: manhole diam. 420 mm, with bolts and gasket, bronze evacuation fire damper of 1" ½, floating level indicator, quick-setting load attack of 3", limiting load valve of 3", control device of the internal gas oil level, load access stair (9,000 lt capacity only), earthing socket and equipotentiality near the supporting feet, evacuation flange on the bottom with safety tap of 3/4", ball valve of 1", non-return valve of 1", carbon steel reservoir, thickness: 3 mm. with self-supporting frame ready to be fixed at the tank feet by bolts, indicated to be collocated on any soil, studied to contain 1/2 of the tank capacity in conformity with the safety prescriptions established by the Ministry Decree 19.03.90, equipped with earthing, evacuation tap 3/4” and treated completely with an anti-rust layer and a glaze layer.

Protection roof
against atmospheric agents, in non-combustible material, equipped with adequate earthing in conformity with safety prescriptions established by the 19/03/90 Ministry Decree, built with strong self-supporting frame, covered with galvanised corrugated steel sheet, projecting from the retaining reservoir perimeter and equipped with busbar connections to the reservoir.

Kit 3

Petrolcontrol System
approved for private not fiscal use by the Italian Ministry of the Interior  equipped with a serial line or USB port for the connection to your PC composed by: digital litre counter, hexadecimal keyboard, transponder reader, display, encoder terminal for litre detection, automatic manual device and management software

The Software is compatible with all Windows versions

Main function:

  • the regular control of the fuel provided for each vehicle, driver, pump unit, construction site;
  • the control of the fuel available in stock;
  • possibility to enter the name of the fuel supplier, litre quantity, date and acquired price;
  • managing until 30 construction sites simultaneously, connected by one single software and control each vehicle in all construction sites where the refuelling occurs;
  • detailed statistical and administrative data;
  • annexed documentation for each delivery; date, hour, minutes, litres, Operator's number, vehicle number, vehicle km.
  • kilometre statistics;
  • general consumption statistics 

Dispenser for private not fiscal use with electropump range 70 LT/MIN. Equipped with self-priming vane pump, sintered steel rotor and acetic resin vanes, by-pass valve, induction motor with thermal protection against

sistema controllo carburante

overcharges, network filter in pump aspiration, water separator filter with element, pulser litre counter with shell-shaped wirings, digital display with clearable 4-digit partial and progressive totaliser, automatic clearance, automatic dispenser with rotary joint, 6 mt. pipe, +/- 0.5% precision in the field of range.

Data unloader Usb composed by a modern electronic card of the latest generation for the registration of illimited data

Transponder cards for the unique identification of the authorised personnel for the fuel pick up by means of a verification of the secret code (on demand, transponder cards also for vehicles)

Petrolcontrol system is an electronic reliable and accurate unable to respond to the various needs of the customer and for this reason those who already have an external tank or an underground tank was made the version of the fuel management system, while for those with already a tank with the delivery pump is possible to apply the fuel monitorin system  Petrolcontrol .
To check the Fuel Inlet (diesel unloading)  you can apply the Diesel Meters NK3000

impianto gestione carburantetank fuelimpianto gestione gasolio numakcisterna serbatoio numakcontrollo prelievi carburante
serbatoio cisterna carburante numakcisterne serbatoi gasolio numakcisterna serbatoio gasolio numakcisterna gasolio disel tank tank fuel numakgestione controllo carburante
Sistema erogazioni gasolioSistema monitoraggio erogazionimonitoraggio erogazionigasoliocisterna gasolio self service
gestione gasoliocisterna gasolioSerbatoio gasoliomonitoraggio erogazioniserbatoio containerizzato
sistema di controllo gasolioSerbatoio gasoliogestione rifornimenti gasoliomonitoraggio prelievi gasolio serbatoio controllo gasolio

                                                                                   Diesel tank with container 

cisterna serbatoio gasolio diesel tank tank fuel numak


Container omologato numakcontainer cisterna serbatoio numakcontainer numak