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Ocio level indicator

Ocio management system registers the static pressure by a tube in the tank and displays the level or volume of fuel, oil, food, urea, water and other fluids.

Ocio level indicatorManagement system for to control the level of fluid in tank.

Fluids: Antifreeze, Biodiesel, Diesel, Oil, Water, Windscreen 

Ocio is a system for the management of fluids in the tanks. The system register the static pressure by a tube in the tanks and visual the level of fluid of tank or volume.

Management system for level

The system is equipped by:

  • A tube for the register the staic pressure in the tank.
  • A control unit for to visula the level of fluid, this unit is equipped by a sofware that permit the connection of two device: security and warning device.


  • Tens. 230 V /50 Hz (120 V / 60 Hz)
  • Security IP 55
  • Stairs 4 Mt
  • Accuracy ± 1 % of end of tank
  • Contact for min. and max level
  • Tens. max 250Vac a 5 Amp (o 30Vdc a 5 Amp)
  • Lengh. drill tube 10 m (extendable until to 50 m)
  • Level indicator
  • H (mm, inch)
    volume (liter, gallon)
    replenishment (%)
    outlet RS available

    Management system for level

Principal advantages:

  • Continuos misuration
  • Indicator for H, volume and repleshment
  • Allarm for min.and max level
  • Accuracy
  • Easy to install