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Ocio GSM

FLUIDS: Antifreeze, Biodiesel, Diesel, Oil, Water, Windscreen   

GSM transmission of tank level. This system responds to demand for remote monitoring of tank levels by displaying the current situation on a telephone display or to an email address. The transmitter with GSM modem is connected to the OCIO level indicator and via one or more expansions controls up to 8 tanks. Each tank is supplied with a level indicator connected via cable to the OCIO GSM unit or a single expansion. Configuration of the system is carried out by sending a coded message over the telephone.


    • Voltage 110-230 V. / 50-60 Hz 
    • Power Watt 15

NKOCIO/GSMOcio GSM Quad band
NKOCIO/GSM2-4Expansion Ocio GSM tanks 2-4
NKOCIO/GSM5-8Expansion Ocio GSM tanks 5-8