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Wheeled Flow-Meter NK3000

Transportable wheeled gravity flow-meter for private use, ATEX approved, suitable for underground tanks to control fuel, diesel, petrol and liquids in general

Transportable, wheeled gravity flow-meter for private and not fiscal use, ATEX approved. Suitable for buried tanks to control fuel evacuated by gravity.

Measurement device for private and no fiscal use for gas oil, petrol and liquids in general, based on the gravity principle.
The device measures with precision the evacuation by gravity of liquids by using a counting mechanism; it is equipped with mechanic litre counter with partial totaliser with 5 clearable digits, and progressive totaliser with 8 non-clearable digits and optional printing system .


  • High precision
  • Low pressure loss
  • noiseless
  • Transportable and easy to move
  • Easy to use

  • Technical specifications:

Precision: 0.3%
Capacity: 800 lt/min
Min. measurable quantity:100lt
Screech: 80 Db
In suction: 0.06 MPa
Max. work pressure: 1MPa
Input/Output Diameter : 80mm (3") 
Max.measurable quantity: : 99999 L
Electric drive: No

Wheeled litre counter nk3000Wheeled litre counter nk3000
Wheeled litre counter nk3000Wheeled litre counter nk3000


CodeIn suctionElectric driveInput/output diameterMax.measurable quantityMin. measurable quantityRange l/minPrecisionPressure bar
NK3000-CARR0.06 MPaNo80mm (3") 9999.91008000,3%1MPa