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Gravity flow meters

Gravity low-pressure flow meters for petrol, diesel and kerosene, perfect for underground tanks, allow obtaining high precision measurement and long duration

The gravity flow-meters model allows measuring many products for petrol, kerosene and gas oil. Compact and versatile design, ready to be used in the majority of installations. The gravity low-pressure litre counter allows obtaining a higher precision measurement.

Long-duration device with low friction bearings and strong structure.

Gravity flow meters
Gravity flow-meter Nk PD 50 mm 2"
Gravity litre counters
Gravity flow meter with printing machine and mechanic predeterminating meter
Gravity flow meter
Gravity litre counter Nk PD 100 mm 4


CodeDimensionsModelRange l/minPrecisionPressure bar
NK-PD 5050 mm / 2"NK-PD 5038 - 3800,02%150 psi
NK-PD 8080 mm / 3"NK-PD 8075 - 7500,02%150 psi
NK-PD 100100 mm / 4"NK-PD 100150 - 15000,02%150 psi