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Panther - AC

Self-priming pumps for diesel transfer and distribution characterised by a mechanical seal that guarantees high reliability even with low temperatures of use.

Panther - ac

 Diesel transfer pumps Range until to 70 l/min


  • Panther - acFLUID: DIESEL

Diesel transfer electric pump. Displacement, self-priming rotary electric vane pumps. 
Fitted with by-pass valve and elevated reliability seal even at low working temperatures. Compact and easy to install they are ideal for dispensers,
fixed fuel transferring systems and other industrial applications. Sturdy cast iron structure, vane pump with sintered steel rotor and acetal resin vanes,
induction motor with aluminium casing. 
Suitable for continuous use with thermal motor overload protection.


  • Flow rate up to 72 l/min
  • Continuos AC operation
    Panther - ac
  • Noise level below 75 dB
  • Incorporated filter








CodeDescription In/outWeight kgRange l/minRpmTens.Watt
MEP56/230Panther 561"7,4562900230/50600
MEP56/380Panther 561"7,4562900400/50500
MEP72/230Panther 721"7,9722900230/50850
MEP72/380Panther 721"7,9722900400/50550