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Self-priming pumps for the transfer of diesel; vane pump with rotor, by pass valve incorporated, derivation box with on/off switch, threaded attacks of 1" or 3/4".

Transfer pumps Range until to 80 l/min


Electric pumps type volumetric rotary vane self-priming for the transfer of diesel.
The version 24/12 could be used by both tensions.

Technical details:

  • Vane pump with rotor
  • By pass valve incorporated
  • Derivation Box with on/off switch
  • Threaded attacks of 1" or 3/4"


Carry Carry

Carry Panther

Kit Carry Bipump


Carry 3000

Kit Carry Panther
CodeCableDescription In/outL/minWeight kgNozzlePumpPipeVolt
MECARRY3000/122 mtCarry 3000 12V3/4"504,2-Bypass 2000-12
MECARRY3000/12242 mtCarry 3000 24/12V3/4"50/304,2-Bypass 2000-24/12
MECP56/122 mtCarry Panther 12V1"569,1-Panther DC-12
MECP35702 mtCarry Panther 12/24V1"35/709,1-Panther DC-12/24
MEKCP566 mtKit Carry Panther 12V1"5612,5MPanther DC5 mt12
MEKCP35706 mtKit Carry Panther 12/24V1"35/7013APanther DC5 mt12/24
MEKCP3770M6 mtKit Carry Panther 12/24V1"35/7012,5MPanther DC5 mt12/24
MEKCBP804 mtKit Carry Bipump 12V1"8018ABipump6 mt12