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ByPass 3000 - DC

Compact, safe and reliable diesel electric pumps, they are used as the first plant on earth moving machines, to equip in sites or mobile distributors.

Bypass 3000 - dc

Transfer pumps Range until to 50 l/min


Bypass 3000 - dc



ByPass 3000


Bypass 3000 - dc

Carry 3000

Electric pumps type volumetric rotary vane self-priming for the transfer of diesel.
They are characterised by high power. All these pumps have a by-pass valves.
These pumps are available in the version of 12 and 24 Volt.
Compact, safe and reliable are used as the first plant on earth moving machines, to equip distributors mobile or in sites.

Technical details:

  • Pump body structure is a cast iron with anti-corrosion treatment and coating
  • Pump type vane rotor with steel sintered and pallets acetal resin
  • By-pass valve
  • DC motor with brushes and permanent magnets
  • Protection grade IP55
  • Used in continuos service for work-cycle of 30min.
  • Bracket for mounting bracket pump

Bypass 3000 is available in two differents versions to 12 and 24 Volt with threaded connectors 3/4" the pump body.


CodeAmpDescription Max barWeight kgRange l/minRange lt/minRpmTens.
MEBYP3000/1222ByPass 3000 12V1,53,55050290012
MEBYP3000/241211/6ByPass 3000 24V / 12V1,53,550/3050/302900/150024/12
MECARRY3000/1222Carry 3000 12V1,54,25050290012
MECARRY3000/241211/6Carry 3000 24V / 12V1,54,250/3050/302900/150024/12